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Jamie Chalmers
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Bloggers are more than just writers. They're editors, creators, and content managers with a never-ending to do list. Each day is spent creating new content for their site while taking into account what's most popular or trending in their niche, not to mention sharing the content on social and keep track of the myriad of admin functions as well! 

Creating a blog publishing hub for your team will solve these problems and more. It'll help you get your writers writing faster, make sure that what they're creating is useful for readers, and it'll allow you to work smarter not harder so that you can spend time doing other things in your business.

The Blog Publishing Hub software tool does all this and more. By using this system we've seen our productivity improve dramatically! I've also had some great feedback from my bloggers who say that it makes them feel valued as part of the team because they know exactly what's expected of them when writing new content for the site. 

With this tool, developed by the owner of a multi-author blog (that's me!) you will be able to use Notion to:

  • Easily plan, research, and draft blog content.

  • Manage multi-author blogs with ease with seamless collaboration between different authors - perfect for proofing and editing content before publishing.

  • Increase publishing productivity without any extra work by giving you one space for all your blogging tasks.

  • Focus on tasks and content in the same space.

  • Easily assess progress and priority with Kanban boards.

Thanks to the power of Notion, you'll be able to modify the Hub to suit your specific needs, but it has been set up with the aim of simplifying the blogging process. Whether you are running a blog by yourself, or working with a team of authors, this tool will make your life much easier.

  • A simple, yet powerful platform for managing the all aspects of running a multi-author blog.

  • A simple, yet powerful platform for managing the all aspects of running a multi-author blog.
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Blog Publishing Hub for Notion

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